Minute to Win It, PC Style

Andrew Corley, Staff Writer

On Friday, February 18th, the Student Union Board put on another exciting event for the PC community, bringing NBC’s hit game show “Minute to Win It” right to Edmunds Hall. While host Guy Fierri was noticeably absent many of the show’s classic games were played including “Don’t Blow the Joker,” “How’s it Hanging,” “Hanky-Panky,” “Noodling Around,” and “Roll With It.” PC students were able to compete for up to fifty dollars at local restaurants and My Friends Bookstore in addition to the major prizes, an iPod Nano and Ipad. Any prize that was not successfully won in a game was raffled off at the end of the night. Junior Tony Chatham went home as the big winner of the night, bringing in a Bojangles gift card by winning the Cookie Facial and taking home the iPod Nano in the final raffle. The Ipad also went to the raffle, and freshman Heather Mcgowan was the proud recipient. The fun did not stop when all the prizes were gone however, as pieces of the games including fruit, pasta, and Oreo’s were all raffled off. Yours truly even came away with six decks of playing cards (greatest game of War ever!!!!!). All in all PC’s “Minute to Win It” was a fun night for all involved, and kudos to SUB for a well-done event.