The New Constitution


Reid McCandless, Staff Writer

As you may have heard by now, a brand new constitution has made its way to the campus of Presbyterian College. No longer are we to wonder how contributions can be made to Presbyterian college because the new Constitution has arrived. Featuring five printed pages of rules and regulations, this constitution is destined to do its job on campus.

However, I having a feeling you are still in need of some answers.  So here they are, the answers to your many questions:

Q: What does the new Constitution have to do with me?

A: Why everything sir or madam, the new Constitution is all about you. This constitution was made for you, to be used by you.

Q: What do you mean? What does it give me the right to do?

A: The new constitution gives you the right to make change. Yes, you now have a chance to change PC and in doing so impact the world.

Q: That is awfully dramatic, what do you mean, “change PC?” I thought I could already do that.

A: Everyone has the power to make change, but the new Constitution institutes the steps and processes that must be followed to formally introduce resolutions to the campus.


Q: Really? So you’re saying that there are now official guidelines to institute resolutions on campus?

A: Yes, that’s what I just said.

Q: Wow that’s cool. But I bet it’s really difficult and time consuming to submit a resolution.

A: False, it is in fact quite easy. All one must do is email the SGA president with their idea at least one week before the next scheduled meeting. The Executive committee will look over the resolution and consider approving the idea to be reviewed by the full legislature. From there it can find its way to the President of the school where your idea has the chance of occurring.

Q: I heard that there are some changes to RSOs. I didn’t even know RSOs had anything to do with student government.

A: Yes, Registered Student Organizations are now getting more say in student government. The organizations will now have representatives in the student legislature and will get a certain number of votes depending on the size of the organization. The table below shows how the number or members relates to number of voters the RSO has in the Student Legislature.

RSO voters in Student   Legislature


Number of voters

15 or less




50 or more


Q: What table?

A: Don’t worry about it.

Q: Oh okay, cool. And that is all the new constitution brings?

A: Not exactly. RSOs will now have more accountability with their members due to the power they can express towards new resolutions. Minutes will now need to be recorded at RSO meetings. RSOs must have a presence at each Student Legislature meeting making RSOs quite official. This isn’t all the new constitution accomplishes but these are the main points that will impact the student body.

Q: Great, thanks for all the answers!

A: You’re welcome, now get out there and change the world!

There you have it, the answers to your questions. With this knowledge I can only imagine what change will befall the campus of Presbyterian College.

Featured artwork also by Reid McCandless