Black Lights to be Installed in Dorms

Ashleigh Bethea, Staff Writer

In an effort to promote cleanliness, black lights to be installed in dorms.

There has recently been a great push for cleaner dormitories at PC and the college’s administration may have just found a solution. Black lights will soon be installed in all living quarters around the campus to insure a better environment for both staff and students.

These lights should provide a constant visual reminder to students to keep their living space tidy and free of any and all unsavory mess. Cleaner dorms means healthier students and healthy students are better able to participate in daily scholastic ventures.

The PC administration hopes that all students will continue show pride in their campus by keeping their personal space spotless as they enjoy the remainder of their academic experience.

This new and very necessary measure also has an added fiscal bonus of possibly reducing the custodial staff as the students take more responsibility in sanitizing their living space.