Three art exhibits come to Harper Gallery


Blake Roberts, Staff Writer

The Elizabeth Stone Harper Gallery is currently hosting three exhibits simultaneously: Teresa Prater: The Artist Book; Dawn Roe: The Weight of Centuries; and The BömP Drawings. These exhibits will stay at PC until November 24, and offer students the chance to experience an eclectic mix of art styles and expressions.

Teresa Prater’s works combine her talents as a painter and a book artist. Her works feature unconventional book constructions that feature three-dimensional scenes that are packed with details. In addition to her own creations, Prater showcases other “artist books” made by her colleagues in the field.

Dawn Roe offers an unconventional exhibit: in her dedicated space are three flat-screen televisions slowly rotating through a series of nature photographs. As a flyer from the Harper Gallery states, Roe “draws the viewer into a meditation upon place and time in relationship to our natural surroundings.”

Perhaps most eccentric of the three exhibits is the BömP Drawings. Created by the anonymous artistic duo known only as “BömP” (hence the name), the drawings are inspired in “equal measures upon whimsy, DIY semiotics, and the modality of the caprice.” These drawings follow no clear rhyme or reason, and invite the viewer to explore and interpret them as they please.

The Harper Gallery is open from Wednesday through Saturday from 12-5 p.m. The gallery is free and open to all students and the community.