Jacob Van Etten reviews King of Tokyo Dark Edition


Check out PCBlueTube to learn how to play King of Tokyo Dark Edition.

Jacob Van Etten, Staff Writer

King of Tokyo is a board game made by IELLO. It is a game for people who are eight and up, it needs 2-8 players and the approximate runtime of each game is 30 minutes. It comes with a rulebook, eight dice total (6 on color and the other two a different color), one game board, 27 tokens, 60 power cards, six cardboard monster cutouts along with plastic stands, monster tracking boards, and finally a bunch of little green energy pieces.

While it is an interesting game, it is far from perfect. The flaws of the game are as follows; the runtime of the first game may take up to an hour if you are learning the rules of the game, the difficulty of the game when first learning how to play is not suitable for eight-year-olds, not everything may be used in a single game, and the way everything is put away is not good. Overall, the complexity isn’t bad but it does take at least one person who knows how to play the game so that others can learn. If a group of new players started playing together, even going over the instructions before beginning the game, would require multiple look-throughs while playing the game. 

Then there’s the aspect of game items not being used. The items I am referring to are the 27 tokens that come with the game, which do certain things to help you win the game, along with the two extra dice that are present. Finally, there’s the issue of how things are put away. The packaging is good before opening the box because it can be placed in any position without pieces getting mixed up. But, after everything has been opened and goes back where it should be, the energy, tokens, and cards can be unorganized if the box is not kept in a horizontal position.

Let’s end on a high note! The game is fun to play. The two different ways of winning are either getting 20 victory points or being the last monster standing. The artwork on both the cards and the monsters are amazing. Along with the many fun abilities the power cars give you, they are also fun to use and make each game unique and different. Another cool fact is that a players victory or failure is completely dependent on gravity and dice, so the game cannot be predictable!

You might be wondering how to play the game? Go to PCBlueTube for a full guide! The link to the channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8tLZSg_fZOGl_uTmUsMQ-Q