New Student Orientation Leader Applications are Up!


A group of Orientation Leaders welcoming students to Orientation in 2019.

Reeves Bridges, Editor

Student Involvement is hiring New Student Orientation Leaders for the 2021 Orientation Team. Applications are now available on the PC Orientation website! All you have to do is fill out a short Google Form that requires some basic information about your student involvement, personality, and ability to complete all application requirements. 

There is a chance Orientation could be held virtually, as it was this past summer.  However, there will be training for such an occurrence. The applications are due Monday, October 19 at 5:00 pm. Don’t wait to apply!

Here are some of the reasons to apply to be a New Student Orientation Leader:

  • Meet new friends and become a mentor for the next class of Blue Hose
  • Learn soft skills that future employers want, such as leadership, communication, and interpersonal
  • Be an integral part of the orientation experience
  • Pay a stipend of $700!
  • You will build relationships with Campus Life Staff and other offices
  • You will improve your teamwork ability
  • You will learn how to be a mentor and to discuss challenging topics
  • This is a perfect chance to build a stronger community on PC’s campus

Challenge yourself to go outside your comfort zone and reach out in a meaningful way to the future students of PC. Former Orientation Leaders have spoken at length about how beneficial and fulfilling this opportunity is. Being able to mentor first-year students, build friendships, and give back to Presbyterian College after receiving so much are some of the most rewarding reasons to apply. Plus, the stipend does not hurt! The position is not available to current seniors who will be graduating this Spring, but all other students can apply. There will be 3 Summer Sessions, and a makeup Fall Session in August!

 Apply to be an Orientation Leader Today! The application is located here:

For more information about Orientation, check out the Orientation website:

For questions or concerns, contact Taylor Dement, Assistant Director of Student Involvement: Orientation and Events, at [email protected]