How safe is Presbyterian College?


Is Presbyterian College safe? This is the question that has been on the minds of many college students, not only at PC, but also across the country. School shootings, rape, assault and theft are major issues at many college campuses, so how does PC stay safe? Presbyterian College does not have many security cameras around except at Fraternity Court, Educational buildings and Spring’s Student Center, but what about the dorm rooms? Dorms such as Belk Hall, Clinton Hall etc. don’t currently have security cameras. “Not having cameras in Belk hall makes me feel as though there isn’t any guaranteed protection in my living space,” one freshman student stated about the lack of security cameras in Belk Hall.

What about the campus police? They are doing their job by keeping us safe, right? Not according to some students. “I feel that the Campus Police serves to provide the minimal amount of security and protection that this campus actually needs. There have been several incidents that have gone unnoticed for the simple idea that there is no one keeping the activity at Presbyterian College monitored,” one Junior student at PC that would prefer to stay anonymous said. Another student expressed the same concerns, “I was pumping gas at the Marathon gas station when a man on the other side of the pump asked me to come around to his car. I refused and went to the Campus Police to make a report, but they just told me that the gas station was not in their jurisdiction. With that response, I felt that I couldn’t go to them about anything.” The student went to the Clinton Police to make a report as suggested, but they were not helpful either, “She only asked for my name and number. She didn’t even ask for a description of the man or the car. I’m not sure what I’m going to do if something like that happens again, or if a girl gets kidnapped for it because the police did not investigate further.”

PC has an honor code that every student signs at the beginning of their freshman year, but what is stopping any student or outsider from committing a crime on campus? These anonymous students along with multiple others don’t feel safe on campus, and it gets scarier every single day with the news that they hear from other college campuses. Will PC create a safer environment for their students or is the minimum always going to be good enough?