PC’s Russell Committee shakes up campus media


Reeves Bridges, Staff Writer

Presbyterian College’s Russell Committee has recently been reinvigorated by Dr. Brent of the English Department. The Russell Committee’s main objective is to support Student Media Organizations. Unlike PC’s Communication Department, the media outlets supported by Russell “…really should be a student’s perspective… and all independent, even if it’s not convenient to the college.”

For the 2019-2020 class of media outlets, there are four options; The Bluestocking, BlueTube, Figs and Thistles, and WPCX. Each media outlet is led by a Faculty Member and a Student Media Leader.

The BlueStocking is PC’s long-running newspaper. It is led by Denise Devaney as the Editor in Chief. The new Faculty Advisor for the BlueStocking is Dr. Hamilton after Dr. Brent’s reign of 15 years as advisor. Dr. Hamilton brings 10 years of experience as a journalist and promising ideas to increase the prominence of The Bluestocking. If you are interested in writing, please email [email protected].

BlueTube is the new YouTube channel being supported by the Russell Committee. The channel is going to be comprised of five creators who will produce weekly videos on alternating weekdays. The channel’s Student Media Leader is Reeves Bridges and is overseen by Dr. Weicki as the Faculty Advisor. If you are interested in becoming a content creator for the channel, email [email protected].

Figs and Thistles is PC’s annual literary magazine. However, unlike years prior, the publication will not be limited to only Presbyterian College students. Instead, it will become a public magazine, increasing the prestige of being published in it. The leader of these new efforts will be Sage Hinkleman with Dr. Butler as the Faculty Advisor.

WPCX is the returning radio station on campus. Set times will be open to students for shows as on-air personalities and DJs. The shows will be live from the media center and will also be streamable afterwards. The Student Media Leader for the 2019-2020 year will be Jerius Duncan, and the faculty adviser is Doug Wallace.

Under the new Russell Committee, there will be an opportunity for others to apply and start new media outlets or be a Student Media Leader every year. Some potential ideas that were discussed included an Athletics Streaming service, an app, and many others that may come to the campus in the next few years. “The students who are engaging in these media outlets are changing not only their lives but also the identity of the campus. It takes time, and the students who fill the roles next year will be just as important in that as the ones now,” Dr. Brent stated in closing.