Bike lanes may be making their way to Clinton


Zoe Montague, Co-Editor-in-Chief

On Tuesday, September 3, the Clinton City Council voted unanimously to pass a resolution supporting bike lanes on South Broad Street. The passing of this resolution means that the city will begin to look into what it will take to add bike lanes on the road. The discussion from council members before the vote hinged on the topic of if the city would feasibly and safely be able to add bike lanes to South Broad Street.

In the discussion, City Manager Bill Cannon said, “I’m totally for them, but I’m for them if they’re safe.” The plan is to work with state departments to figure out the best way to add the bike lanes, especially on the Clinton roads that are also state roads.

This resolution was supported by a petition that circulated town a few days before the vote. Dr. Justin Brent, who created this petition, said that it was signed by 230 community members. This support for the lanes comes in part by both faculty and students.

The day before the City Council meeting, the Presbyterian College Student Government Association sent out a link to the petition, encouraging students to sign it if they felt it was an important issue. In this email, Student Body President Emily Green wrote, “These bike lanes will create safer conditions for students and members of the Clinton Community. It also makes the town a little more bike-friendly… Signing this petition will show City Council that PC Students care about this issue, too.”