Where did the fire extinguishers go?


Stephen Josey, Staff Writer

From the wooden floors of Clinton to the elevator in Georgia, fire extinguishers have been spotted in numerous locations across campus outside of their designated boxes. Several locations across campus—including residence halls and academic buildings—have empty fire extinguisher boxes with it nowhere insight in the building.

Although fire extinguishers aren’t used too frequently on campus, many students are concerned with the danger that comes with a lack of fire safety equipment on the halls and dorm buildings. Kayla Bramlett, a student living in Spradley, expressed her concerns, “I immediately noticed the absence of the extinguishers and felt that PC should place more extinguishers in the empty boxes as soon as possible.” 

Another student, who wishes to remain anonymous, shared a story where fire equipment on the halls may have prevented a major and catastrophic fire, “We were making enchiladas [and] we had to use the fire extinguisher last year in the townhouses to put out a fire.” Although the particular fire was contained almost immediately, they fear that a similar event could transpire and grow out of hand if the equipment isn’t replaced in the buildings.

For some students, the lack of extinguishers in the dorms and other housing is only one aspect of their worry and fear in regard to fire safety. One chemistry student, who wishes to go unnamed, noted that the equipment was absent in Richardson—the building that houses lecture rooms and labs for physics, biology, and chemistry. “As far as I know, there’s only one fire extinguisher on the third floor and it’s in the [Organic] Chemistry Lab.” The student also expressed concern that a lack of firefighting tools could lead to serious injury or danger due to the numerous flammable chemicals and compounds that are used and stored in Richardson.

After reaching out to Campus Life, a Campus Life Spokesperson said that the absence of fire extinguishers from their respective boxes as a result of routine and scheduled replacement. The spokesperson also noted that all fire extinguishers should have been replaced and all fire extinguisher boxes should currently be housing up-to-date equipment.

If a student finds a fire extinguisher box or stands that is missing an extinguisher, the student is asked to contact the student life office or maintenance.

One of many missing fire extinguishers.