Take a Fling This Spring

Interesting classes offered for 2020


Amy Betz, Webmaster

Do you have a gap in your Spring 2019 schedule, or are you just looking for an interesting class to broaden your horizons? Here are 11 interesting classes that will be taught next semester:

African-American Art and Culture: This class, taught as a special topic in the Art History department, will cover many aspects of the art created by African-Americans. Dr. Laura Crary. Art History.

Health Management: This Business Administration class will cover a niche of the business world that health professions majors should find interesting. Dr. Rachel Childers, Business Administration.

Chinese Calligraphy: Learn all about the ancient and beautiful practice of artistic writing. Dr. Lin Shen, Chinese Studies.

Communicating Citizenship: In this new class from one of PC’s newest professors, “[students] will investigate certain kinds of communication practices that make citizenship accessible to some but not others.” Dr. Philip Perdue, Communications Studies.

The Economics of Sports: This special topic in Economics offers an eye-opening look at a familiar topic. Dr. Jerry Slice, Business Administration.

Greeks, Romans and Barbarians: Two well known ancient civilizations–an ancient idea about “difference”: this course is very relevant to today. Dr. Rick Heiser, History.

Latin American Cinema: The mistress of tango will introduce students to a wide variety of films that come from Latin American cultures. Dr. Clinia Saffi, Spanish.

Hellenistic and Roman Philosophy: This Philosophy class on the fascinating schools of thought that came from two famous ancient civilizations could be taken along with “Greeks, Romans and Barbarians.” Dr. Jim Thompson, Philosophy.

Survey of South Carolina Law: This special topic in Political Science, taught Monday evenings,  will be a great way to learn about the laws of your home state. TBA.

Forensic Psychology: CSI comes to PC. This criminology course will cover investigation techniques,  lie detection, eyewitness testimony, the insanity defense, battered wife syndrome, the death penalty–and more. Dr. Sarah Burns, Psychology.

Eat, Pray, Love: Students can “explore the impact of religion on their daily lives, but without having to move to India!” This course compares Hinduism and Christianity focusing on the impact on believers’ daily lives. Dr. Kirk Nolan, Religion.

Medieval Women Mystics: This special topic in Women and Gender Studies will explore the lives of women who received revelations from God. Dr. Julie Meadows, Religion.