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The Presbyterian College BlueStocking Newspaper is a student-run organization, aiming to serve as a platform for interesting and relevant information, entertainment, and discussion.  The views expressed on this website do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Presbyterian College.  

The BlueStocking Newspaper refuses to publish articles containing slander or any information that cannot be confirmed by a credible source. Customarily, the identity of a source will be provided when citing quotations or exclusive information in an article published by the paper. However, when necessary, and at the discretion of The BlueStocking Newspaper leadership staff, information may be published as an anonymous source. 

The BlueStocking Newspaper occasionally publishes satirical articles. Satirical articles will be clearly labelled as such, and are meant to be humorous. The views expressed in satirical articles do not reflect the views and opinions of Presbyterian College or The BlueStocking Newspaper staff. 

Articles on this site may be freely redistributed as long as they are not condensed, edited, or changed in any way without the permission of the author and publisher. The articles may not be sold for profit.  

For any questions or concerns, contact [email protected]

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