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We’re Hiring

We’re hiring.  And yes, we pay.

Do you have a knack for writing, editing, design— or the desire to learn? Are you looking for an opportunity to maximize your leadership experience and build an impressive resume? Then you might be a perfect candidate for a position at The BlueStocking. Previous experience is not required, though we love to grow leadership from our current stable of writers and photographers. Read on to learn more about the various positions we have available!

Leadership Positions


The editor-in-chief promotes the BlueStocking’s presence on campus as a reliable student-led source of news on campus. The editor-in-chief’s responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing the operations of the organization
  • Conducting weekly leadership and staff meetings to create editorial schedule
  • Working with staff to ensure timely production of newspaper content, both online and in print
  • Maintaining records of leadership meetings and agendas for staff meetings
  • Reviewing all edited articles before publication
  • Overseeing the organization’s budget for monthly pay periods, events, etc.
  • Ensuring that BlueStocking staffers are properly accounted for in PC’s financial system
  • Ensuring timely payment of staff members each month according to their effort

The editor-in-chief will receive a stipend of $375 per month.

Business Manager

Responsibilities for this position include:

  • Obtaining advertising to support operations by creating relationships with local businesses
  • Creating advertisements for the print-run and for the online product
  • Preparing and presenting a bimonthly financial report
  • Maintaining familiarity with BlueStocking’s financial condition and strategizing with the editor-in-chief on ways to enhance it
  • Planning and executing the fall and spring semester recruiting events
  • Participating in weekly editorial work flow as needed
  • Attending weekly leadership and staff meetings

The business manager will receive a stipend of $60 per month.

The Editor(s)

This is a supervisory editorial position whose responsibilities include:

  • Working with the editor-in-chief to develop story ideas and ensure coverage of important college events
  • Working with writers on story pitches and assigning articles to them
  • Providing developmental editing and fact-checking of stories
  • Ensuring a proper work flow for articles, from submissions through editing/design and publication
  • Attending weekly leadership and staff meetings

The number of editors varies in accordance with the number of staff writers each year. Editors will be paid $60 per month.

Multimedia & Design Editor

This position’s responsibilities include:

  • Gaining mastery of WordPress, InDesign, Photoshop and all other necessary platforms/software needed to produce the website, mail chimp, and print products
  • Editing and producing multimedia content (e.g., photographs, videos, comics/cartoons, puzzles), as needed
  • Working closely with the editor-in-chief and editor(s) to assure timely work flow of submissions through the editorial process
  • Working closely with the editor-in-chief and faculty adviser on the redesign and production of the quadrennial print-run editions
  • Attending weekly staff meetings

The multimedia and design editor will be paid $60 per month.

Staff Positions

Staff Writers

Staff writers produce short pieces (500-800 words) or longer feature/analysis pieces (800-1200 words) on various “beats”: campus life, sports, features, opinion-editorial, and more.

Beginning writers will serve in a “general assignment” capacity, being assigned by editors to cover newsworthy events, but as they grow in experience and competence, they are encouraged to develop specialty areas aligned with their interests and to produce more complex pieces.

Every article submitted must include an art/design element (or an idea for one to be designed) as well as a social media teaser.

Article deadlines are on Sundays (for Thursday publication) and on Thursdays (for Monday publication). All are welcome to write for The BlueStocking, whether as a regular contributor or as a guest. Contact the editor-in-chief about rates of pay.


Copyeditors are a key element in the newspaper’s editorial work flow. Copyeditors are responsible for editing articles for grammar,  accuracy and compliance with the Associated Press StyleBook. Copyeditors represent the final stage in the editorial work flow. Their deadlines fall on Wednesdays (for Thursday publication) and on Sundays (for Monday publication).


Photographers and videographers document news events around campus. The BlueStocking publishes individual photos, photo essays, and videos/vlogs. Contact the editor-in-chief about deadlines and rates of pay.

Graphic Artists/Multimedia Designers

Likewise, The BlueStocking in interested in the work of graphic artists and multimedia designers, including original art or tables and other visualizations for story packages. Contact the editor-in-chief about deadlines and rates of pay.

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