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We’re hiring.  And yes, we pay.

Do you have a knack for writing, editing, design, event planning or advertising? Are you looking for an opportunity to maximize your leadership experience and build an impressive resume in media? Then you might be a perfect candidate for a position at The BlueStocking. Previous experience as a staff member is not required. Read on to learn more about the various positions we have available!

Leadership Positions


The editor-in-chief seeks to promote the BlueStocking’s presence on campus and reputability as a sound, student-led college newspaper. As such, this position’s responsibilities include:

  • management of the organization in all general fields
  • works with staff to ensure production of newspaper, both online and in print
  • conducts weekly leadership and staff meetings
  • maintains records of leaderships meetings and agendas for staff meetings
  • reviews all edited articles before publication, either online or in print

The editor-in-chief will receive a stipend of $375 per month.


Business Manager/Event Planner

The position of business manager has combined with that of event planner, due to the fact that the event planner must have sufficient knowledge of the organization’s budget and how to plan an event accordingly. Responsibilities for this position include:

  • management of the organization’s budget for monthly pay periods, events, and/or other purchases
  • ensure members of the BlueStocking are in PC’s financial system by completing the appropriate paperwork as necessary
  • ensure members are paid each month as according to their effort
  • plan and manage the fall and spring semester events
  • attend weekly leadership and staff meetings
  • obtain advertisers to support the BlueStocking print-run, by meeting with local advertisers and presenting available advertising options
  • maintain a monthly payment budget for each pay period, to be presented at leadership meetings around the end of a pay period

The business manager/event planner will receive a stipend of $60 per month.



This position’s responsibilities include:

  • edit articles for grammar, accuracy, tone and purpose
  • send all edited articles to the Editor-in-Chief in a timely fashion, with the writer’s name, article title and appropriate picture in an email
  • maintain contact with writers regarding upcoming article deadlines, ideas, meetings, etc.
  • attend weekly leadership and staff meetings
  • brainstorm article ideas to bring to weekly meetings
  • dedicate 1 hour outside of meetings to these responsibilities

The number of editors varies in accordance with the number of staff writers each year. Editors will be paid $60 per month.


Multimedia & Design Editor

This position’s responsibilities include:

  • create and design the layout for the bi-monthly print-run editions in a timely fashion
  • create advertisements for the print-run advertiser and for the BlueStocking newspaper
  • edit any multimedia content (e.g. photographs, videos, comics/cartoons, puzzles)
  • send edited content to editor-in-chief for final review and publication

The multimedia and design editor will be paid $40 in during the months when no print-run issue is being created, and $60 in print-run months.


Staff Positions

Staff Writer

This position includes writing articles on various subjects, opinions, or news as it pertains to the writer’s interest. Article deadlines are determined by the writer according to their schedule and capability. Currently, articles are paid according to type and number. All are welcome to write for the BlueStocking, whether as a regular staff writer, or as a guest author.



This position involves taking photographs (or other like media) of events around campus, and producing a photo blog that is paid as if it were an article. Also, this position can include taking short videos to be published online through the website. Videos can be interviews, recordings of events, or even time-lapse. Anyone interested in multimedia or photography are welcome to join in the meetings, or they can submit by email a multimedia article for publication as a guest author.

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