Freshman 15

David Nguyen, Writer

It’s time for the freshman 15, where the Blue Stocking asks 15 questions to a random freshman just so the campus can get to know him or her (in this case him) a little bit better. This reporter interviewed Carter Davis.

This reporter: Why did you come to Presbyterian College?
Carter: It’s a small school and has great people.

This reporter: What is your favorite movie? Book? Video game?
Carter: Avatar, Catcher in the Rye, Call of Duty.

This reporter: What is your favorite class?
Carter: Calculus.

This reporter: What extra-curricular activity are you really looking forward to?
Carter: Golf.

This reporter: Do you play an instrument?
Carter: No.

This reporter: Tell the campus something interesting about yourself.
Carter: I’m an outdoorsman. I love being outside.

This reporter: What’s your dream job?
Carter: Construction.

This reporter: What country would you want to live in and assume you could speak the native language fluently?
Carter: France.

This reporter: What’s your major?
Carter: Business.

This reporter: What food would you eat for the rest of your life, assuming there were no health consequences to doing so?
Carter: Shrimp

This reporter: If your soul manifested itself as an animal, what animal would it be? Basically, what is your spirit animal?
Carter: White-tailed deer.

This reporter: List one thing you couldn’t live without.
Carter: TV, I guess.

This reporter: What are the top five songs on your playlist?
Carter: 1. Love Your Love the Most by Eric Church.
2. Amarillo Sky by Jason Aldean
3. Welcome to the Farm by Luke Bryan
4. Crazy Town by Jason Aldean
5. What About Now by Lonestar

This reporter: Who’s your celebrity crush?
Carter: Jessica Alba.

This reporter: Who’s your idol?
Carter: My dad.

Thank you, and that’s all the time the Blue Stocking has for now. This reporter will continue to keep his eyes peeled for more freshmen so the campus can get to know them better.