Summer Fellows

Cameron Cook, Writer

Every Summer, Presbyterian College allows students to apply for, and participate in, the Summer Fellows program. This program, which awards $2000 to each student who works with the school, gives students the opportunity to work closely with a faculty member on a research project. Research projects have varied in the past between the different departments, and what springs from these partnerships are projects of research that are often representative of the skills that the students at our school are given throughout the school year. In the past, students have done projects on the Presbyterian Church’s role in the United States and projects on Genetic Mutation in plant-life. These projects are always exciting and engaging for both the students and faculty of Presbyterian College. Not only is this type of research work engaging, but it looks great on a resume.
For the program, students are required to stay for eight weeks over the summer conducting research, participate in weekly lunch seminars, give presentations at the concluding seminar, and also give their presentations at the Honors Day Symposium.
It is a great opportunity to work so closely with a professor on a research project of this kind. Don’t let the summer-school sound of it scare you. I mean, honestly, what else are you going to do over the summer?