Student Volunteer Services: Project Life

Bryan McDaniel, Staff Writer

Student Volunteer Services hosted its annual Project Life bone marrow drive on Tuesday, January 25th in Springs Campus Center. The purpose of the volunteer project was to type the bone marrow of individuals and put them on a national registry. The typing process is very simple; first, the volunteer signed up and registered, then they gave a saliva sample taken via swab. If a volunteer decides to they can be placed on a national registry and they may be called and asked to donate if they are a match for someone in need. Project Life is a great cause and it is extremely beneficial to someone in need of a bone marrow transplant or for someone battling bone or blood disease.With just a few minutes of their time, volunteers were able to have an immediate impact on the life of others.
PC’s motto is Dum Vivimus Servimus which translates into, while we live, we serve. Student Volunteer Services is a major servicing organization at PC and they engage in multiple servicing projects over the year. However, none have had such an amazing outcome like the Project Life bone marrow drive. Ellen Sheide is a junior, political science major here at PC. Ellen is also an active participant in Greek Life, acting as the President for the Sigma sorority. Ellen held true to PC’s motto and decided to donate when she was called upon. Ms. Sheide’s donation of her stem cells would go to 59-year-old man suffering from Leukemia, whom she had never met. PC is proud to have one of its own act is such a bold and courageous manner.
Ellen, we commend you for bravery and for representing PC in such a fine manner. Our thoughts and prayers went out to you during the whole process and we are glad to have you back on campus. Thank you for saving lives!