Bieber to Sinatra: Singing Valentines from Delta Omicron


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Drew Brandel, Staff Writer

Last week some music students here on campus showed off their vocal talents as they serenaded many of you with some romantic tunes as part of Delta Omicron’s first Singing Valentines fundraiser. Delta Omicron (DO), a unique fraternity comprised of music majors, minors, and some other music students, initiated the Singing Valentines idea for the first time this year as another fun way to become actively involved on campus. Students purchased the Singing Valentines in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, and the songs were performed on February 13th, the day and evening before Valentine’s Day. DO offered a list of songs that students could choose from- a list that ranged from classics of Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra to more recent songs from singers such as Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars. By the time the group finished their rounds around campus, they had sung 64 musical messages. Heidi Moore, president of PC’s chapter of DO, was thrilled that so many students paid to have a song sung for a friend or a special someone. She said, “We (the members of DO) were so excited to have such positive support and enthusiasm from our fellow PC students.”
What did students think about receiving such a unique Valentine’s Day surprise? According to Moore, the reactions ranged from amused, yet embarrassed, pleas to stop mid-song to a couple of male recipients joining in with their own renditions of the Aladdin classic, “A Whole New World.” For the most part, the people who received valentines enjoyed the songs and the thought from their classmates. One male recipient was watching the Grammys in his dorm room when the singers of DO arrived, but it turned out that he didn’t miss much during the time that he muted his TV to listen to his visitors. Without knowing it until the song was finished, the members of Delta Omicron were singing the same song that was being performed live at the Grammys- none other than Justin Bieber’s “Baby.”
More went into the project than just traveling around campus singing light-hearted songs for classmates. The members of DO spent time organizing the event and practicing the songs so that everything would go smoothly when the big day finally arrived. Moore and the other students enjoyed the entire experience, saying, “It was just great to work with other music students on this project. I feel like we’ve all grown a little closer through the experience.”
All students who are interested in joining the other talented members of DO should watch for announcements later in the school year with information about how to join. In addition to participating in activities here on campus like the Singing Valentines event, members take part in community service projects throughout Clinton.