Improv Auditions

David Nguyen, Staff Writer

Many of the current members of the troupe are seniors (Maggie Nash, David Nguyen, and Thomas Jonte), and Tyler Todd will not be returning next semester because she will be studying abroad. This means that next fall only Rebecca Fudger, Megan Jennings, and David Seldman will be returning. Obviously, a three-member troupe is less than ideal, so Improv Underground allowed new members to join its ranks of elite improvisational actors.
A few weeks ago, in early February, the troupe held auditions for new members. There was no cap in how many could be welcomed into the troupe, but only six students showed up to give it a try.
Potential member auditions consist of the following: one or two skits and a monologue based. To clarify, two potential improve artists try out at one time, while the others wait out back. They work together to perform a skit based on a suggestion. Then they split up to perform a separate monologue, also based on a suggestion. The monologue suggestion can be anything from palindromes to ethical subjectivism. Of those six students that tried out, five students joined Improv Underground. So congratulate these new members: Alex Rumer, Chris Fairfax, Victoria Dew, Laura Settle, and Savannah Truesdale. They will begin performing, possibly within this semester, but almost certainly by next semester.
In the meantime, come out to more Improv Underground shows to welcome the new members and say farewell to those who will be leaving.