A Book About Death


Bryan McDaniel, Staff Writer

Recently in PC’s own Harper Gallery, there was an international exhibit put on display entitled A Book About Death. The project was created originally by American artist Ray Johnson; however, the new version featured in the gallery is the work of artist Matthew Rose. A Book About Death is nearly 500 pages of original pieces done by the artist across the world. One of the most intriguing factors about this piece is that it allows for new submissions to be added on as it goes to different art exhibits. Also, this unique masterpiece features the Wailing Wall in which we celebrate the lives of those we have lost.

This exhibit of original artwork expresses individual feelings about death as well as selective celebrations of life. There were several PC students that got a chance to submit an original piece of artwork to the exhibit. Also, PC was included on the Wailing Wall in honor of the two students whom we lost this fall: Sara Doelker and Lea Kramer.

Unfortunately, the exhibit ended on the 25th of February and many students did not get an opportunity to see the brilliance behind this work. However, pictures from the exhibit are posted below for all those who missed out on the opportunity.