Flash Mob to Welcome Freshmen


Martin Pruitt moving in freshman during 2011 orientation

What happens when freshmen are done with Matriculation? PC hosts its very own flash mob, of course! Organized by Patrick Kennedy and Carolyne Elizabeth Brooks, the flash mob had great choreography and included the PC Choir, cheerleaders, football team, any upperclassman willing to dance, and even some administrators like Dr. Griffith. Dancing and chanting, “You don’t wanna go home!” hopefully sent the message to the freshmen that PC is a warm place, and that it is perfectly okay to break out into song.

Some videos were taken of the spectacle, and the official taping by PC is to be released soon. For a crowd perspective, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nC2YtQeD66Y. Thank you to all who led and participated in the flash mob, it was truly a sight to see!