Alternate Inspirations behind The Human Link

Alternate Inspirations behind The Human Link

Tyler Law, Staff Writer

We have all heard that The Human Link, a beautiful new sculpture displayed prominently in the center of the lawn between Clinton Hall and Greenville Dining Hall, represents the efforts of man to connect with God through the scientific exploration of God’s creation.  While this meaning behind the masterpiece may hold true for our campus, I am here to suggest some alternative inspirations behind the masterpiece.  On the website of the Jon Hair Studio of Fine Art, the artist who created the piece, the sculpture is said to be a “metaphor for individuals striving to better themselves and their communities,” but I feel that there may be some more exciting reasons behind the placement of the sculpture on campus.

A Tribute to the Long Lost ‘Sculpting for the College Campus’ Course

You may not be aware, but Presbyterian College has been home to many unique and exciting academic courses throughout the years, one of which was the highly sought after ‘Sculpting for the College Campus’ class.  It was said that students came to PC from as far away as Alabama just to enroll in this class and learn the secrets involved in creating that inspirational, awe-inspiring, and thought-provoking piece of artwork destined to be placed on the grounds of an institution of higher learning.  Perhaps The Human Link was installed here at PC as a link to the past and the times when students could learn anything and everything.  For more on PC’s long lost courses, be sure to read next week’s article on the topic!


Obviously, one of the most likely reasons behind The Human Link coming to our campus is that it serves as a beacon for otherworldly beings.  The 24 foot tall sculpture is shaped in such a way that it can easily and efficiently send and receive transmissions from saucer shaped objects as they fly through the night sky.  Perhaps well crafted sculptures are the perfect way  for the aliens to observe college students and learn our behaviors.  With the high number of sculptures located evenly around campus, do not be surprised if this theory turns out to be true.

Post-Apocalyptic Shelter

As it sits now, The Human Link is situated on top of a large brick base.  So large, in fact, that a new sidewalk had to be put in so students would be able to travel around the statue.  With the apocalypse soon approaching in 2012, the need for post-apocalyptic shelters is rising quickly.  An important aspect to the survival of these in the shelters after the apocalypse is a way of identifying a safe shelter that is not obvious to those who do not have a place in said shelters.  Given that The Human Link has been seen at other locations, including High Point University, it may be a symbol for human prosperity in post-apocalyptic times, signaling safety to humans but representing nothing more than a piece of metal to super-mutants and the like.  Since PC already has a number of bomb shelters left over from the 70s, it does not seem unlikely that they could be retro-fitted with all the necessary aspects to survive the coming of days.

Of course, whatever the inspiration behind The Human Link may be is not as important as what it means to you.  Take some time this week to observe the sculpture and perhaps even think of your own humorous influences of the sculpture.  Thank you Irwin Belk and Jon Hair for helping bring this beautiful statue to our campus!