No, He Does Not Have a Cane


Sarah Albright, Staff Writer

I sat down with PC’s new band director Dr. Richard House to find out about his past experience and what his hopes are for the future of PC’s bands.

Dr. House’s previous work experience includes four years at Bridgewater University in Virginia, five years at Augusta State, and most recently, five years at Claflin University. Here at PC, he teaches all of the bands: wind ensemble, jazz band, and pep band. He also directs the brass quintet and gives trumpet and French horn lessons.

So what can the bands expect under new direction? Dr. House cannot express how much he wants the bands to grow in number and in quality, and to see improvement every performance. As for pep band, he wants to see a more traditional pep band that is for the purpose of cheering on the team and playing for the cheerleaders. He also wants to see the pep band play a wide range of music so that the fans, whether current or past students, can all hear something they like.

When asked how he feels the first football game’s performance went, he said he was happy with it and that the athletic department seemed pleased as well. The heat, of course, is the hardest part of performing at the football games, but he said that the team and the pep band need to have, “a winning attitude.”

A lot of people are wondering whose idea it was to nix the kilts. It was really a collaborative effort from Dr. House, the band presidents, and a vote within the pep band. On the positive side, Dr. House likes the new uniform and feels it is, “more comfortable and cool.”

Dr. House would also like to extend an invitation out to anyone who plays any traditional instrument and has any past marching or concert experience to join pep band and/or audition for wind ensemble. He doesn’t turn musicians away, and everyone would love to see the pep band grow.

For right now Dr. House’s main focus, because of football season, is pep band and to cheer on the team and support the athletic department. There is promise that there will be more music and more recognizable music this year. So at the next football game, keep your eye on the team and your ear on the pep band!