Let It All Out

Let It All Out

Heather Lamp, Staff Writer

Photo by Harrison Hopkins

How many of you are stressed to the point of no return? Ever feel like if one more thing goes wrong then the rest of your hair will fall out? Well, let your worries wash away because there is always a way to deal with stress.

We all know what stress is; we have been dealing with it since the beginning of our very existence. In elementary school, it was figuring out who your best friend would be. In middle school, it was trying to get that cute boy or girl to ask you out. It high school, it was paper after paper and project after project. Right before graduation, you stressed over how you were going to pay the lunch bill you neglected for four years. After graduation, maybe you thought you would be in the clear, but then your parents said you had to go to college.

At first the idea of more school crushes your very soul. Then the freedom bell rings and you make your way to the college of your choice. The first couple weeks seem great. A light work load, parties, activities on the weekends, and your only worry is if you have enough Ramen noodles to last you the rest of the week. Now that the semester is in full swing, everything has changed. All you can think about is writing yet another paper, finishing this project, writing that lab report, writing another paper, getting a tutor for math, catching up on your reading assignments, worrying about the freshman fifteen and finding time to sleep somewhere in between. Many students turn to coffee addictions, lock themselves away in their room or mumble a to-do list constantly throughout the day. Life should not be so stressful, so here is a list of things that you can do to help you mellow out your day.

One: set aside time for YOU. When your roommate is out, take that opportunity to watch the movie they hate and you love. Sing to your heart’s content (while conscious of your neighbors) even though you know it might sound bad. Bottom line, do something fun while you are alone in your room.

Two: read  something that is not assigned for class. Read the little paperback you read in sixth grade. Read the magazine article about the guy of your dreams so that you can day dream about your wedding. Read anything to get your mind off of school and into the clouds.

Three: chill with some friends. Invite some friends to play board games, cards or watch a movie. Remember they are experiencing stress too. It is perfectly ok to let loose and just have some good old fashioned fun.

Four: breath! Take a deep breath when you start feeling overwhelmed. If that does not help, try taking a soothing hot shower or bath. Just focus on calming your nerves and opening your eyes to the fact that the world is not crashing down around you.

When all else fails, you always have one thing that can help. Family. Your family is the biggest support system you have. When nothing else works, you can follow my mother’s advice: “We still have your bed honey. You can always come home to get away.” Then again, with my brother waiting for the opportunity to push my buttons, sometimes I find it is better just to call and whine like a baby! It is ok to let your feelings out. Talk to someone, anyone; it can be a roommate, a family member, a friend or even a stuffed animal. Just get the emotions out so your hair can stay on your head where it belongs!