Four New Courses Coming Soon to PC!

Four New Courses Coming Soon to PC!

Tyler Law, Staff Writer

As exciting as the current course selection available at Presbyterian College currently is, I think we all can agree that a little more variety would be a welcome sight.  Through some intense and MacGruber-esque investigation, I have uncovered a top-secret list of four new courses that are coming to PC very soon.  So clear your schedules and start studying because these new classes are sure to have you excited to stick around for a fifth year!

Sculpting for the College Campus

The pride and joy of any great college campus is not the intelligence of its student body or even the skillfulness of an athletic team, but a beautiful sculpture that sits in a spot so pronounced, even Ray Charles wouldn’t miss it.  The importance and inspiration behind these sculptures varies depending on the campus and who you ask, but the purpose tends to be the same: distracting visitors from unsightly buildings left over from the architectural disaster that was the 1970s.  Of course, here on PC’s beautiful campus, we do not have this issue, but at other colleges and universities, the disease runs rampant.  There will be a high demand for sculptors who specialize in works for college campuses in the future so the outlook for this class is shaping up to be pretty exciting!

The Art of Rocking a Chair

Now, I must admit that the name of this course sounds a little funny.  After reading the description, I can confirm that this class is indeed all about the history, lore, and proper use of the rocking chair.  I suppose that whoever named the class was trying to grasp our attention with the silly name.  Nonetheless, it appears that this course will exist as an effort to encourage students to make better use of the rocking chairs that can be found all around campus with hopes that each and every chair will feel the proper rocking love that they desire.  I’m sure at some point the professor will also cover the fact that the pond and fountain are not the proper places to put a rocking chair.

How to Choose between Springs and GDH

Now this class really boggles my mind.  An entire class on choosing where to eat?  My guess is that this one is going to be a one and done, that is, you meet once a week and then you’re done.  We all know that Springs is consistent and has a decent variety of food while GDH can either be a hit or cornbread-stuffed porkchops, and no one likes cornbread-stuffed porkchops.  Also, the menu for GDH is online.  Yeah, you can check out the meal before you swipe your card.  I feel like I may have covered everything that this class will have to offer already.  GPA booster, anyone?

Required Freshman Seminar

Ooh, this one sounds exciting!  It’s not clear whether this course replaces the current freshmen experience classes of if it replaces them, but I can tell that some pretty useful stuff is going to be covered in this class.  First of all, everyone will learn how to open their mailbox and then be tested on their ability and speed.  No more excuses for not writing grandma back now!  A good chunk of class time will also be spent learning how to decide if you are actually allowed to park in that car-sized spot in the HP parking lot.  Finally, the class will cover the common courtesies of acknowledging someone as you pass them on the sidewalk, that is, if you don’t miraculously receive a text message every time you approach someone.  These three elements of the course will be combined with a plethora of other informative facts to create an invaluable freshmen experience.

While it is impossible for me to know whether or not the information I acquired about these future classes is true, I am quite excited about learning how to create some awesome sculptures!  Anyone else?