PC Improv Won’t be “Underground” for Long

PC Improv Wont be Underground for Long

Drew Laney, Staff Writer

If you missed the Improv Underground show on Saturday then you deprived yourself of a comedy experience. This show reminds one of Whose Line is it Anyways with Drew Carey but the only difference is I actually laughed at the Improv show. They played various games in which rules and a scenario was setup and the actors had to abide by these set guidelines. To give an idea of what they did the topics ranged from a vacation to Harry Potter Land to assassins and honeymoons. No matter what the actors did a fine job of keeping the audiences interest and continuously came up with hilarious things to say. I did not know what exactly to expect when I went to see this because I did not really know what it was but I was entertained the entire time I was there. If I was to review the show and give it a rating it would be 10 out of 10.