SUB Movie Night was “Unstoppable”

SUB Movie Night was Unstoppable

Allison K., Staff Writer


Imagine GDH open after hours.  Being able to use a meal, not bonus bucks, from your meal card for food – only not in the meal period.  Being able to watch a movie on the big screen without having to get in your car.  Being able to sit back and not have to think for a couple hours about how busy the last two weeks before Fall Break are going to be.  Plus the added bonus of being surrounded by your fellow PC students and friends.  You must have been at SUB Movie Night.

The Student Union Board hosted its first Movie Night of the year in a new location, our own dining hall GDH, which brought together approximately 75 students, from freshmen to seniors, in a night full of free – free food, free fellowship, and free entertainment.

The action-packed movie Unstoppable was shown on the big screen in GDH, which offered  a late dinner for some or a snack for others, but more importantly a relaxing break from schoolwork in the last two hectic and busy weeks before Fall Break and midterms.  GDH offered students a choice of pizza or wings, plus unlimited popcorn and the famous GDH soft-serve ice cream, for only a swipe of the meal card.

In a vibrant and buzzing atmosphere in GDH, the movie kicked off a few minutes after 8pm and lasted until about 10pm. “I was very proud of the turnout and how well everything came together,” said SUB President Chloe Radford.  SUB wants to extend a special thanks to GDH and its staff for providing the food and for allowing them to sponsor their event in a convenient location for students.

Unstoppable is an action thriller that features actor Denzel Washington as a veteran train engineer and actor Chris Pine as a rookie conductor who take on the incredible feat of stopping a runaway freight train, traveling at speeds of up to 80mph, with no conductor.  Both team together to ultimately stop the train and save thousands of lives, inevitably becoming national heroes.

Student Union Board (SUB) is a student-run organization that sponsors free entertainment and activities for students on campus.  Past PC events include Spring Fling, Vegas Night, outdoor and indoor movie nights, and Homecoming activities.

Stay tuned for more information on the next SUB events, Trivia Night and dance lessons during the nights leading up to Homecoming on October 15th.  Also, be on the lookout for more information on the upcoming Casino and Vegas Night, which will take place on November 11th.  “Like” PC Student Union Board on Facebook to vote for different events to take place on campus, to see t-shirt proofs for various events in advance, and to receive notifications about upcoming events at PC.