Come On Out to the PC Fun Run!

Come On Out to the PC Fun Run!

Tyler Law, Staff Writer

Mel Gibson said it best in Braveheart when he gave the advice “run, and you’ll live.”  And with those words, the Presbyterian College Fun Run was born.  Living is important, and therefore, so is running.  And if we must run, why not make it fun?!  That is exactly why the PC Fun Run exists.  While this explanation usually passes as adequate when someone asks “What is the PC Fun Run?”, I know that you, BlueStocking readers, are a clever bunch who demand more explanation.  No worries, I am here to feed you, baby birds.

In order to truly understand the Fun Run, we must first break it down into two parts: fun and run.  Fun, a word usually used to describe an activity such as riding a roller coaster or talking to your grandparents on the phone, could not be more appropriate to describe the running that takes place in this historic PC event.  Run, the second part of the Fun Run, means, in a loose definition of the word, to move at a pace faster than a walk.  But here’s a fun fact for you about the PC Fun Run, you can either run two miles or walk just one! The course will take you on a beautiful tour of the PC campus, something I am sure you are not yet familiar with.

You may also be wondering what incentive one might have to participate in this race, and I must tell you that there is plenty of motivation to participate in this one.  The event is free to students, staff, and faculty of the college and, for everyone else, costs $8 if you register early or $10 on the day of the event.  Proceeds will benefit the PC ROTC Cadets and The Wounded Warrior Project, two noble causes indeed.  Oh, and did I mention that there is a free t-shirt in this deal?  And free refreshments?  All for free?  Free, free, freeeee!

So, on October 15th, Homecoming day, come on out to Bailey Memorial Stadium and join the Fun Run.  Registration is at 7 and the run starts at 8.  Yes, in the morning.  You can do it.  Free t-shirts!  To sign up, look for flyers around campus, rip one down, and turn it in to the ROTC department as soon as possible!  After all, you want to make sure they have your size t-shirt waiting for you.  I’ll see you there!