Where Do You Break When You Have No Local Home?

Where Do You Break When You Have No Local Home?

Chelly Curry, Staff Writer

Over the last few weeks, the big question for PC’s international students is “where are we supposed to go during Fall and Winter break?”

Those students who are joining our college for either a semester or maybe even just two, need places to go and things to do during the times when full-time American students look forward to the most—breaks! So I present the question again—“Where do international students go during breaks and/or long weekends?”

Every opportunity the international students get they travel the USA exploring the most popular places here while spending as least amount of money as possible. The weekend of September 24th they traveled to Charleston, SC to experience the historical parts and, of course, hang out at the beach! But during fall break—many of the students looked forward to traveling with new friends they met. Some students went back to Charleston with their roommates and close friends. Others traveled to Tennessee and New York to hang out with a few PC alumni they met over the course of this semester. Others traveled to cities like Atlanta and Chicago. For the most part, normally the international students find friends that are willing to take home some extra company (which, from experience, turns out to be so much fun!)

Ok so Thanksgiving is coming up and the faculty at CIH has tons of things planned for them. The word on the street is they’ve planned a long weekend in Florida, the hottest place to be in the fall. The international students plan on having a blast in the beautiful state of FL, hoping to visit the most popular spots like Universal Studios, Disney World, Animal Kingdom, Sea World, etc. I’m actually wondering if I can go!

During and after fall break I had an opportunity to connect with a few of our foreign students to hear what they did during our very wonderful, much needed vacation! Here’s what I collected: everyone thought the break was awesome! Much needed— definitely! Relaxing—of course! Entertaining— you know it! I don’t know about you but I love visiting new places and apparently so do they!

Being an international student at PC leaves you with multiple opportunities to get involved and familiar with different traditions in America, not just the education. These students look forward to meeting new students that are willing to take them home and show them the different family styles, traditions, and everyday activities different natives participate in on a day-to-day basis. So I encourage everyone that is reading this—-meet someone new! You’ll learn so much from our international students.  Invite someone home with you! You’ll be surprised how much fun they will have while doing things you partake in all the time!