A Social Experiment

A Social Experiment

Rachel Miles, Staff Writer


What the heck is a calendar doing in the bathroom? Well, due to the communication problems at PC, Campus Life has gone for a new angle. “Highlander Highlights” is a new and refreshing way to let people know what they need to know. After all, what else is there to do when you’ve gotta go?

Resulting from the lack of a master calendar, no one really knows what’s happening at PC. “Highlander Highlights” is an attempt to let people have an easily accessible calendar of events and hopefully get more people involved in that making of a master calendar.

So what is exactly is “Highlander Highlights”? Well, it’s a calendar of upcoming events at PC, conveniently placed in some of the most widely used restrooms on campus for your perusal. Currently, the calendar locations include Springs, Neville, HP, GDH, Edmunds, and the library.  If this form of communication is successful, this initiative will likely spread to more locations. For instance, there would be calendars in the dorms and maybe even all the academic buildings. Who knows how this is going to turn out?

The mystery of the bathroom calendar has now been solved. Go in peace.