Being Religious: A Pleasure, Not a Pain

Ashlan Andrews, Staff Writer

In today’s day and age it sometimes seems as if religion is becoming a thing of the past. Of course, there are tons of churches throughout America, especially in the South, but it still seems as if people do not follow religion as closely as they used to.

With so many distractions in our society, and so many busy things to do, being religious and going to church constantly can sometimes be hard. Here at PC a group of freshman girls in Belk dorm are working to fit a bible study into all of their busy schedules; with the help of Rachel Fogle and Jessica Walker.

Fogle is a junior majoring in early childhood education, and she is also a strong Christian trying to spread the love of Jesus to freshman in Belk dorm. Her reason for starting the bible study was: “this summer I worked at Lake Junaluska. I worked with small groups and I felt like God put me in a group with freshman girls at Lake Junaluska as a sign I needed to work with freshman girls and start a bible study here.”

Fogle is not alone in leading the bible study, though. Her friend Jessica Walker, who works on staff with Campus Outreach, helps lead the bible study. According to Walker, the reason she decided to help was because, “Rachel is in a discipleship group I lead and she really wanted to have a bible study; so we decided to work together to provide a bible study for girls in Belk. Both of us have a desire to help people grow in their relationship with the Lord and provide opportunities for them to be able to do that.”

And so what exactly do the girls do during the bible study? “We usually have something fun just to connect with each other—highs and lows of the week, a game, or a craft. We look at different passages of scripture to see what’s going on and ask different questions about passages in scripture to apply to our lives,” Walker said.

And so far, the bible study has been a success. They average anywhere from ten to fifteen girls a week, and there is almost always a new face there. Fogle feels like “the girls are getting to know each other on a deeper level” and her favorite thing about bible study is “getting to just have down time but learning more about the girls and hopefully making a difference on them.”

Discipleship can sometimes be hard, especially during those first few months of college when everyone is still adjusting and getting to know other people, but the girls in the bible study are smoothly adjusting to college. The bible study has helped the girls to know Jesus better and have a better understanding of religion. According to Jessica, “seeing people have a greater understanding of what Jesus has done for us [is my favorite thing about bible study]. We’re all growing, and we all learn together about the Lord and our relationships with him.”

So if you are in Belk dorm, you are more than welcome to go to the bible study; held Wednesday nights from 9:30 to 10:30.