Beat the Freshman 15


Heather Lamp, Staff Writer

We are heading towards the end of the first semester of the 2011 school year. If you are freshman that means very soon you will be back in your own room bragging to your younger siblings about how great college really is while your mama makes your favorite dinner. If you are an upperclassman your parents are probably so used to you being gone you just blend in with the scenery until you make some noise.

So for all you freshman out there let’s review. What have we done so far this semester? Maybe you have partied a little, studied more than you ever thought you would, slept less than you ever imagined and ate. Oh yes we freshman eat. It is the freshman 15 after us. Between the all you can eat buffet at GDH and the super awesome pudding cups and ice cream in Springs, temptation is everywhere. Not to mention the snacks mom keeps buying because she does not want her baby missing any meals or getting hungry in the middle of the night.

If you have stepped on the scale recently you may have noticed a couple extra pounds have been added. Or maybe your favorite jeans are a little tighter than you remember. Here are some easy ways to handle that freshmen 15 and still have time to study…

  1. We all know the parking lots stay pretty full. The golden parking spot, the spot right by the door, is worth the fight. However, instead of fighting over that golden spot give it up. Park further away so that you have to walk further. Walking is an easy way to get simple exercise that will help you burn calories and feel good.
  2. So now you have parked further away. Now ladies especially need to listen to this next tip. Take multiple trips. When you are packing to go home and coming back to PC take several trips to get everything inside. Again this increases the number of steps you take in a day helping you burn more calories.
  3. Stairs are your friend. When going to the third or fourth floor of HP take the stairs not the elevator. If you are feeling extra frisky walk up an extra flight of stairs and then back down to the floor you need to be on.
  4. A final piece of advice is to walk to your classes. Not only do you save gas which is near the value of gold, you get fresh air.

Walking is a great way to relieve stress and get some simple exercise. Find ways to take a longer route to class without being late. Take an extra flight of stairs or walk to McDonald’s so that you do not have to feel guilty about that big mac and fries.