Making PC a Better Place: One Bike at a Time

Making PC a Better Place: One Bike at a Time

Ashlan Andrews, Staff Writer


Remember being a kid, and thinking that riding a bike was one of the greatest things in the world? Going on bike rides was the cool thing to do outside—and the bigger, the faster the bike, the better. Now that we are in college, sometimes our childhood can be forgotten as we all focus on the future.

A few weeks ago, students started to notice some seemingly random bikes set up in front of Springs. No one really thought much about it, until students realized they could rent the bikes to go on bike rides around the PC campus. This is due to students in Dr. Inman’s environmental science class. The students fixed some bikes up and put them in front of Springs for others to rent out for a bike ride.

One of these lucky students was freshman Ashley Jacobs. When asked what prompted Ashley and some of her friends to rent the bikes out for a ride, she said “I used to love going on bike rides when I was a kid. Our bikes from home got stolen so I haven’t gone on a ride in forever, and I wanted to see if I was still able to ride a bike!”

Jacobs and a few of her close friends took the bikes out for a long ride last week. One of the best things about the ride was: “the weather! It was a perfect fall day for a bike ride. We rode around the campus for about 45 minutes. It was good exercise and it was fun,” Jacobs said.

Freshman Lauren Bazemore also enjoyed being outside and working her muscles: “it was a fun way to get much-needed exercise and fresh air,” Bazemore said. It’s true, biking is a great form of exercise—and a great way to keep away that freshman fifteen!

Biking is also a great way to save gas money. If more people biked to work or school, they would save money, help the environment, and stay in shape! According to Jacobs, “biking is a great way to protect the environment. I’m asking for a bike for Christmas, and I am going to start riding my bike places instead of driving my car.”

So to all PC students: if you want a way to have some fun, get in shape, and save gas money, the new bikes in front of Springs are for you to rent!