PC Blue Fish are Here for You

PC Blue Fish are Here for You

Heather Lamp, Staff Writer

Between roommate arguments, suitemate fights, the stress of class, homework, tests, sport games, workouts, practices, rehearsals, and everyday life issues every person needs someone to vent and talk with. Feeling lost as to who can be your listening ear? Have no fear! Bluefish is here to help.

Bluefish is an organization that is made up of PC students, students that go through the same stresses and hurdles as you. Each PC Bluefish is trained as a Stephen Minister. They are here to simply listen, encourage and give helpful advice you can trust. All Bluefish meetings are 100% confidential.

Feeling shy about meeting a Bluefish member? Each Bluefish member is willing to meet and communicate in any way that you are most comfortable. Wondering where to find your local Bluefish? Each dorm is assigned two to three Bluefish members. Each Bluefish member should be easily located. Flyers and signs on their doors are used to advertise their location, identification and contact information.

Still feeling nervous? Bluefish members are trained and ready to respond in a way that is both appropriate and helpful to you, the student. They are ready to help make you feel comfortable and listen to any issues you may have, including spiritual conflictions. The Bluefish team is here to help peers and staff alike. Never hesitate to ask for a listening ear. Take the helping hand that is willing to go the extra mile for you as an individual. The Bluefish team is your personal listening machine. Ready, willing and available anytime. Do you have your Bluefish?