How to Be Healthy (As a College Student)

Ashlan Andrews, Staff Writer

Nowadays, it has become increasingly more difficult for young adults to maintain a healthy lifestyle. What with TV, video games, fast food, and sleep deprivation, weight gain has become more and more common in the 21st century. While most people may not always consider the negative side to eating fast food and getting only about five hours of sleep a night, in the long run, all these things have very bad side effects for our bodies.

A few weeks ago, I was sitting in science listening to Dr. Shaw lecture about our bodies and how to keep them healthier. One of the things he said to me that really stuck out was that the more we sit, the shorter our life span is. This may sound slightly dramatic, but I totally believe it. Another important aspect of being healthy is to get plenty of exercise. It is good to get about 30 minutes of exercise five days a week, and I do not think as many people do this as should. The more you sit, the less exercise you are getting and the less your body is moving around; therefor shortening your life span.

I know that many people probably already know all of this. But if they know this, why do more people not practice these habits? For one thing, it is hard to fit in a good amount of sleep and exercise with all the other distractions life throws at us. Between work, school, and having a social life, people do not always get the amount of sleep and right amount of exercise they need. I think it is important, though, for more people to try to fit both of these things into their schedules. Once you get a routine of going to the gym daily and getting a decent amount of sleep, you generally feel better and happier.

Another reason it is so hard to eat healthy is because our society is basically throwing unhealthy food at us all the time. From commercials, to cheap fast food restaurants, to delicious candy and desserts, no wonder obesity is on the rise in America and the rest of the world! In order to try to prevent the rise of obesity, it is important for people to try to cut all of this unhealthy food out of their lives. What happened to the days when people actually enjoyed eating fruits and vegetables? My roommate sometimes struggles in this department, and I am constantly trying to help her improve her eating habits. Once you start incorporating more healthy food into your diet, it becomes a routine, and eating healthier is rewarding in the long run.

Overall, I believe that more people in America need to realize the benefits of living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You look better, feel better, and learn to appreciate life more when you are keeping your body feeling good.