Rounding Up Their Elephants

Rounding Up Their Elephants

Rebecca Rowell, Staff Writer

With a looming November election, politics are abundantly present in both the media and dinner conversation. On campus, politics are also found at the kick-off meeting of the Presbyterian College College Republicans. Beyond regular meetings, the PCCR has high hopes for a booming year among their organization. Sophomore chairman Laura Nowell outlined the goals for their budding organization.

As defined in the PCCR Constitution, the purpose for this campus organization is to “increase political awareness among its members while promoting the ideals and values of the Republican Party on campus.” [PCCR Constitution Article II, Section 1]. The PCCR hopes to expand its influence beyond the members of the organization.

“[The mission of PCCR is] really about getting everyone involved on campus and, [if you’re a member], to prepare you [for] working campaigns … and to actually do the practical work for presidential and statewide elections,” Nowell said.

Not a new organization to PC’s campus, the executive committee hopes to revive the organization by taking advantage of the fact that 2012 is an election year.

“There was a chapter a few years ago, but [this being an election year] has definitely given us the ability to have more events than we would have before,” Nowell said.

A few of the upcoming events the PCCR has planned for the year include a “Get Out and Vote” BBQ and hosting a voting registration drive on September 11th and 12th. The organization also plans to have its members attend different rallies and hear from guest speakers.

Working with other college Republican chapters, such as Clemson and USC, has also been a goal of the PCCR and its committee members. As Nowell emphasized, it can be important for young voters to be a part of college party organizations in order to learn about the importance of the young vote and how everyday politics affect them.

“In general, I think it is very important to get the vote out. You know, that we all participate no matter what are views are. We’re going to be the leaders, the future voters of this country. It is our country, so we need to get interested now because what is happening to our economy is going to effect our lives as we get older,” Nowell said.