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Professors opened the MHP season this Fall

Professors opened the MHP season this Fall

Katie Anderson, Staff Writer

As the week winds down and campus settles into a lazy Friday afternoon, a throng of students venture to Edmunds Hall. The lights go down, and the familiar chatter of friends catching up on the events of the week fades out. So begins Music at Half Past.

Music at Half Past, like most things on campus, operates under an acronym: MHP. MHP is a weekly recital series presented by the Department of Music. It provides students the opportunity to perform and appreciate their peers’ solo and small ensemble work.

Lindsay Rutledge, Delta Omicron International Music Fraternity president, shares, “By both participating and attending we can foster and grow in each other’s love for music.”

The music faculty presented the first recital of the semester Friday, August 31st.  Six members of the faculty performed: Dr. Richard Thomas, Dr. Karen Buckland, Dr. Rob Howiler, Dr. Jim Buckland, Dr. Christian Elser, and Mr. Alan Rudell.  Student recitals will resume Friday, September 21.

Larkin Rogers (Junior) attends MHP to support others and has enjoyed seeing the passion everyone brings. “I love going to see my classmates doing what they love and excelling,” said Rogers. “I think it is important for people to attend. It not only gives them a new found respect for the hard work of their fellow students, it definitely gives you a true dose of Blue Pride. It reminds me of how amazing PC really is.”

A few friendly reminders for the next time you join the brigade heading to Edmunds on a Friday afternoon:

Whoever is on stage can see everything: that dim blue light from your cell phone, the guy who pulled an all-nighter and is taking a nap in the fourth row, and the girls whispering and snickering mid-performance.

Your presence is always welcome. Your food and drink are not. Please help keep Edmunds clean.

Fair warning: the seats in Edmunds are squeaky.

Every person performing loves what they do and they want to share. Everyone has put in a significant amount of work, and more often than not, they are nervous.  It’s always nice to see a familiar face in the audience.

Sophomore pianist and vocalist, Josh Harrington offers this reminder: “We go to football, baseball, and soccer games to support our athletes. It’s is just as important to come to performances and support the performers. It’s the same concept, just a different discipline.”