No One Gets Out Alive

No One Gets Out Alive

Allison K., Staff Writer

The hot humid weather characteristic of summers in the South paired with the standing water of the PC Pond has created the perfect habitat for the common summer pest — and more recently deemed dangerous human foe: mosquitoes.  The pond that lies behind the Senior Apartments has become the perfect breeding ground for a strain of mosquito that targets the innocent passerby and whose radar centers in on PC senior blood.

In addition to the mosquito colony plaguing the inhabitants of Spradley Hall, the notorious community of bats that have made a home on the dorm’s porch have returned to terrorize the defenseless seniors as they swoop down at a moment’s notice along the sidewalks each night.

If PC is ready for a new senior class, they are successfully putting the thought of early graduation into present seniors’ minds. Not only could the seniors escape these annoying mosquitos, they could reduce the risk of contracting the West Nile virus from the pests.  With the death toll as a result of West Nile virus climbing in the United States each day, a fear of this potentially fatal virus is nothing less than alarming and relevant to students. It especially hits home with the seniors of Spradley Hall who are exposed to these potentially deadly creatures as they walk by the pond multiple times a day.

The pond’s intended purpose to add further beauty to the campus has become overshadowed by its status as a cesspool for mosquitoes that have even the flocks of geese and ducks running.  Leisurely walks are ruined by the burning sensation that comes with being bitten, and walking to and from class or the parking lot becomes a test of one’s luck and maybe even one’s life.

Professors should be more lenient of seniors living in Spradley Hall and allow the excuse of missing class to occasionally slide. If only to lessen their students’ chances of contracting a disease that has no treatment and can be potentially fatal.

Here’s to hoping for the cold weather to get here soon.  If the seniors can make it until then …

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