How the Gap Closes Between Students and Administration

Chantara Tolbert, Staff Writer

Dr. Joy Smith

Not often enough on college campuses is time devoted to discussions amongst students and administration. Every day students converse about what is important to them while attending college and most of this is unheard by administration because of the gap that exists between the two. PC now has the privilege of narrowing this gap by introducing a new VP and experienced Dean of Students.

This semester we welcome Dr. Joy Smith as our new Dean of Students and Vice President of Campus Life. Her new ideas and prior experiences bring high hopes to our campus community. A typical day for Dr. Smith runs from 8 am until 9 pm, showing that she will go above and beyond to achieve the common goal of change on PC’s campus.  She is a true representation of our college’s motto, “While we live, we serve.”

Throughout my brief meeting with Dr. Joy Smith, I learned that her job as VP for CL and Dean of Students involves building the campus life support systems that can help PC students be successful academically and personally while enrolled and contribute change agents in the world as graduates. She oversees the areas of Campus Police, Community Living, Student Conduct, Student Involvement, Career Programs, and Residential and Spiritual Life. She envisions that we will create and develop a vibrant, safe and sustainable community of caring PC scholars.

Listening and learning from members of the PC community seem to be the keys to getting started, but uniquely Dr. Smith makes individual student appointments a priority in the process of change. “We can discuss making positive change at PC together, and together, we will make PC even better!” says Smith.  A message was sent from her to all students asking what improvements should be made.   Responses include repairing and replacing facilities on campus. Fortunately, PC administration is gradually working on this issue although it is a long-term project led by Dr. Lilly. From my encounter with the new VP, I’ve learned that openness to various discussions among students and administration will help resolve issues at once.