Not At PC Anymore…

Sophomore Rachel Miles

Sophomore Rachel Miles

Rachel Miles, Staff Writer

There are many things different about Pamplona and the University of Navarra compared with Clinton and Presbyterian College.

First off, there is much more security here at the University than there is at PC. PC is pretty much an open campus—anyone can come into our buildings and walk around. I know the first time I came to PC, my family and I just walked around and checked out buildings. That would not work here.

You have to use your student ID to get into every single building, which made my first week here very interesting, because they were late on getting our IDs made. I figured out very quickly how to ask, “May I enter” in Spanish. There’s actually a good reason for this, so if you’d like to know you can click on the link to my blog where I talk about it.

Secondly, you have to pay for everything. I had to get a card to put money on to print things. I had to buy a notebook of exercises for class. At PC, yes, we have a vague limit on how many things we can print, but I’ve never exceeded it and I print a lot of stuff, so it must be pretty high–definitely not the case here.

You have to have a student login to use the computers, even the ones in the library. To use the Wi-Fi, you then have to use the student login to make a login for the Wi-Fi. It’s really complicated.

Part of me wonders if these differences are European differences or if we just have it made at PC. I think we take a lot of those things for granted.

If you’d like to hear more about my experiences in Pamplona, please check out my blog! Feel free to comment on this article or on my blog about anything you’d like to here more about. I’m happy to share! I’m not sure exactly what people want to here about so I just kind of write about things that I think are interesting.

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