Assessment Day: No Longer a Downer!

Assessment Day: No Longer a Downer!

Reid McCandless, Staff Writer

Assessment Day has come and gone and now we are left wondering what exactly our rigorous assessing was meant to accomplish. Why were we given a variety of tests? Why did some of us have to write a paper on gun laws? Why was our opinion of multiple moral dilemmas important? What did this all mean and what kind of incentives would have gotten us more excited for assessment day?

All we really know is that Assessment Day has something to do with PC’s accreditation, so it’s actually pretty important. Without these assessments, PC might have a hard time staying accredited. However, to some there are more important things in life than getting your college from an accredited school. So if having a degree that’s worth something just isn’t your thing, here are some incentives I propose for next year’s Assessment Day:

1. Money

Not too hard to understand, you get money when you take your assessment. Okay, I understand this incentive isn’t likely, but it is sure to pack rooms during Assessment Day.

2. PC Assessment Day apparel

We’re not talking stickers or buttons, but limited edition PC apparel only available to those who finish their assessment. Better yet, the items are Brooks Brothers brand and they are perfect for any snappy causal function. Featuring garnet, blue, and the school logo, the latest Assessment Day styles are only available for one day each year.

3. Assessment Day Dance Party

Assessments are over, and what better way to celebrate than with an exclusive Assessment Day dance party available only to those who made it through their assessments. Everyone who took the assessments would receive a special invitation allowing them to be a part of the exclusive party. This wouldn’t be your average old party, though: located in front of GDH, this outdoor party would be impossible to miss, and would make all who decided to skip assessments rethink their lackadaisical attitude towards Assessment Day.

As you can see, there are many exciting and interesting ways to spice up Assessment Day, making it not something we have to do, but something the student body is excited for each year. However, until then we will have to rely on the incentive of an accredited degree and the chance to get a job or go to grad school once we graduate. Hey, but at least we got a candy bar!