The “Keep Running” Project


Rebecca Fudger, Staff Writer

“To Keep Running means to band together against immobilizing fear and to fight terror by continuing to run, walk, dance, carry on, and care for each other,” says Lanier Smith about her very recent project designed to raise money to physically rehabilitate victims of the Boston Marathon attack on April 15th, 2013, and hopefully even help to purchase prosthetic limbs.

Smith started this initiative because she “was deeply disturbed that so many people who were gravely maimed can no longer do what they love to do so much, simply and peacefully run.”  A senior at PC, she has organized a way to begin raising this money in the course of two days.  A booth will be set up at PC’s Spring Fling event on Friday, April 19th, to receive donations.  In addition to this, a table will be placed outside of Greenville Dining Hall on Saturday, the 20th.  A table will also be set up outside of Clinton’s Bi-Lo from 2 to 4pm on Saturday.  All money raised will go to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA), who already have people working to make a difference in Boston.  From there, PDA will ensure that all money raised will go to help the people who most need it.

“In the face of this terror, it is most important never to feel helpless, and remember that there is always something we can do,” says Smith.  “Keep Running is not only a fundraiser.  It is, above all, a message to people around the world to keep doing what they love even in the face of violence, terror, and hate.”

A Facebook page will soon be set up with access to make online donations.  This is an ongoing project since the price for physical rehabilitation is exorbitant.  “Let’s get the victims of the Boston marathon attacks back on their feet so they can do what they love to do–keep running!”