15 Things I Wish I had Known as a Freshman


Katie Anderson, Staff Writer

By the Class of 2013 (with minimal assistance from Katie Anderson)

At the end of the spring semester, there is a bittersweet excitement that hangs in the air. After four years, a familiar and wonderful group of human beings follows the bagpipers past Neville onto the West Plaza. As they finished their undergraduate runs at PC, I asked some of them if they would be willing to pass along their infinite wisdom. (Thanks to all those who contributed!)

1. The 3rd floor of Neville is actually two completely different floors.

2. Take advantage of all the student tutors!

3. Watch out for the white goose and the white skunks…

4. … and all the rest of the skunks.

5. It is not socially acceptable to be on your phone in GDH.

6. Seniors are human beings too, and their lives are as crazy and messed up as yours. It’s okay to get to know them.

7. People think you’re aloof if you text while you walk across campus.

8. Don’t mess around with the honor code. “I didn’t know that was cheating/plagiarism” isn’t an excuse. Ask your professors for help if you’re not sure. They will be more than happy to help!

9. Sleep. During the week, you can’t keep the same crazy hours you do on the weekends.

10. Go ahead and take your Gen Eds.

11. If you go abroad, don’t fail any of your classes, or you’ll be a fifth year… which is awesome.

12. You can walk up to just about anyone and strike up a conversation. Try it.

13. Talk to your professors. Visit them during their office hours. Hang around after class. They are the best.

14. Be friends with people who make you a better person. Always be looking to make friends like those.

15. Seize the opportunities that are laid at your feet. You only come this way once. Make it a journey you will never forget.