Anniversary of the Blue Stocking: Then and Now

Rachel Miles, Staff Writer

For 94 years, the Blue Stocking has provided student media to the campus of Presbyterian College.

Here is a photo of the staff then:Blue Stocking Staff 1935-36 grayscale

You have the serious editor in the middle. The casual readers on his right and left sides. To his immediate right (our left), he has his best friend who is there, but doesn’t want to be there. You know the type. On his left (our right), you have the eager beaver. Behind the editor is the kid who just can’t stay awake and the kid who must always know what is going on.

The current Blue Stocking team decided to re-create this picture.

Black & White
Photo Credit: Amber Allen

Look technology! This is our modern spin, but we overall felt that this wasn’t us. Not really. (But isn’t that editor in the middle fabulous?)

This final picture, my friends, is the Blue Stocking.

Photo Credit: Amber Allen

You have one of the editors, smiling obliviously to the fight going on around her. You have the other editor, participating in the fight. On the left, you have the faculty advisor looking bemused. Staff members on the left look shocked to be actually reading the news on paper. On the editor’s right (our left), the bored person succumbed to their boredom and decided it was nap time. The person on the editor’s left (our right) has some kind of plot brewing. Next to her is a hopeful peacemaker. All in all, it’s a rowdy bunch.

There you have it folks, the Blue Stocking newspaper. Keeping PC up to date since 1919.