A New Face on Campus: Verena Hauser


Meghan Mast, Staff Writer

Recently, I took the time to get to know another of PC’s International students a little better.  Verena Hauser, a sophomore from Bavaria, Germany is studying here at PC this fall.  Verena attends Technische Hochschule Deggendorf where she is majoring in Tourist Management.  Her major requires her to take a lot of business and language classes and as a result, she is fluent in German, Spanish, French, English, and the Bavarian dialect.

Verena chose to study abroad because of her love for traveling, enjoyment of learning about different cultures, and desire to practice her English.  Picking PC was simple for her since her university’s study abroad program only partnered with two schools in the U.S. and PC was a brand new one.  Verena wanted to take the challenge and be the very first one from her school to study here.  PC has felt very welcoming and the International Office has been a huge help to her as she has settled in on campus.

The hardest part about the language difference for Verena has been understanding the various American accents; however, it has gotten easier with time.  She told me that the hardest adjustment overall however, has definitely been adjusting to our education system.  The first few weeks it was tough to attend class and do all the homework.  “The professors talk fast,” she said, but she is settling in quickly.  PC was such a change for her because at her university in Germany, attending class is basically optional and there is no homework, just a few exams.  “I have started to love the system here because you have to read and your knowledge grows. This system makes more sense but it’s harder,” she adds.

Verena’s favorite thing about PC has, without a question, been the sports.  She plays Intramural Soccer and is planning to join the Club Volleyball team.  She loves attending her tennis class and helps out at the Volleyball games.  “It is so amazing the sports here!  I wish I could transfer them from here to Germany,” she said.

When I asked her if she preferred GDH or Springs, Verena didn’t have to think long about her answer:  “GDH for sure,” she said.  “All my friends go there and it always has good deserts.”  If she could change one thing about PC, she would take away our air-conditioning.  “It’s unnecessary!” she says.  Verena went on to explain that it is annoying because it feels warm outside but it is freezing inside all the buildings so you never quite know what to wear.  The Library is kept so cold that she used to take a blanket with her to study, but now she just studies in a classroom at CIH.  Her solution is to get rid of air-conditioning and just open the windows.

In her free time, Verena likes planning trips as well as getting even more involved in sports.  So far she has planned to take a road trip to Miami, FL over Thanksgiving break and when the semester ends she wants to go to Indianapolis, Chicago, and maybe Washington, D.C.  If you see her around campus, ask her about her trips, how her plans are coming, or maybe bring up her love of sports.  Either way, take a little time to get to know her; you won’t regret it!