Halloween: Presbyterian College Style


Stephanie Boswell, Staff Writer

Halloween celebrations are a time for sugar highs and wearing ridiculous outfits. Students at PC really got involved in the festivities and made the best of the holiday. Decorations were hung, candy was passed around in dorm rooms, carnival games caused laughter and smiles, and ears were treated with ghoulish tunes.

Outside Springs, a carnival provided for the Thornwell students was in full swing to celebrate the Halloween atmosphere.  Students laid candy out on tables, set up game-themed stations on the front lawn, and children ran to experience the spooky, blow-up, black cat tunnel. Sack races were won, faces were painted, balls were tossed, all while sparkly princesses and mighty superheroes enjoyed the uncharacteristically warm weather

Senior Holly Tindal helped to coordinate the carnival and was rewarded with a huge turnout. “I got involved because I have been a Thornwell big sister since freshmen year and I love everything about the program and wanted to get more involved with it! My job was to reach out to RSOs on campus to run booths and make sure everything was set for the carnival,” she said, proud of the success.

Sophomore Cassie Walker got to experience the carnival first hand, along with many other PC students that wanted to hang out with the Thornwell students. “I went to the carnival to help out and I thought it would be fun. I got to do some face painting and ate a lot of candy. My favorite part was seeing all of the kids in their costumes,” Cassie said.

Fun was also found inside dormitories to celebrate the folklore ridden holiday. Door decorations, ranging from cute to spooky, lined resident hallways and buckets of candies were shared with neighbors. Sophomore CA, Shelly Rowan, set up a hall program for her hall in Bailey to share the Halloween spirit.

“The activity is supposed to have everyone decorate their door and just hang out and give each other candy and dress up. I just wanted the hall to get together and hang out and have a good time,” Shelly said.

Senior Lucia Leahy wanted to join in on the Halloween fun as well, and told her Cardio Funk class to dress up in a costume. Lucia went as Super Girl her freshman year when she led Zumba and thought getting her class to dress up in costumes would add to the exercising fun.

“I decided to do a Halloween Cardio Funk in order to build our PC spirit! When people work out together, they really bond,” Lucia said.

The Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band were also in full swing to lift the Halloween spirit with a combined concert. The Wind Ensemble paid tribute to many classic Halloween favorites including medleys from The Nightmare before Christmas and Phantom of the Opera. The Jazz Band followed with upbeat tunes to keep the audience in a lively mood. Sophomore Cara Blankenship attended the concert with friends to enjoy her Halloween night, and even dressed up as a highland princess in the process.

“The concert was really well done. Some of the songs were really creative in their performance and I liked that there was finally a concert that everyone was familiar with. Traditional music is great, but throwing in renditions from Phantom of the Opera and other Halloween favorites put a new spin on things,” Cara said.

Students at Presbyterian College really knew how to celebrate the ancient tradition of All Hallow’s Eve. Even GDH threw in some festive treats with their orange versions of dirt pudding and gummy worms. At midnight, shops magically converted into a Christmas wonderland, playing songs of sleigh bells and stocking shelves with wrapping paper and blow-up Santas, while students started counting down to a Thanksgiving Break full of turkey and gravy.

*Photo Credit: Presbyterian College Facebook Page