Writers At Work

Writers At Work

Perhaps you’re a fan of the National Geographic Channels or of CBS News’ 48 Hours and want to know behind-the-scenes knowledge of these shows. Or maybe you’re interested in how online and social media are changing the interactions between audiences and their shows.

If you’re either or both, then the Writers at Work forum in HP 214 on November 22 is where you should be. PC alums Skye Earls and Claire Anderson will present their experiences and understandings about working in today’s current media industry.

Once working for South Carolina Educational Television, Skye Earls now serves as Director of Multiplatform Planning for the National Geographic Channels and has overseen the various digital components of media, such as developing interactive websites for popular shows such as The Dog Whisperer.

Claire Anderson serves as the associate producer to CBS News’ 48 Hours, and her most current broadcast, entitled “Loved to Death,” brings to the forefront the issue of teen dating violence.

From digital media to law and justice, the Writers at Work Forum will surely provide fresh perspectives and invaluable knowledge on today’s media industries. So if you’re curious about the direction social media is taking or just need something to do on a Friday afternoon, the Writers at Work forum will surely guarantee a thought-provoking discussion worthy of your time.