The White House Of PC-For Sale


Amber Allen, Staff Writer

Do you want a house to yourself? Maybe one for senior year! Love weird architect? Then I have the house for you!! The white house across from the Presbyterian College sign is for sale!  Best property available in Clinton! It’s beautiful! It’s lively! You could probably use it as a haunted house! It just gives off a ghostly feeling. The architecture is unique! It’s just two houses slapped together.  As soon as you go inside, you have to walk down into the living room. Weird, right? I know! What to know about the history? Well, there’s not much to say. Nothing interesting has ever happened there. Now you’re probably wondering how much it costs, well: wonder no more.  $300,000 is what it will cost to have this beauty.  If you would like more information, stand on the front porch for a few hours, the seller will eventually show up.