Georgia Has Feelings Too


Photo Credit: Jada Suber

Amber Allen, Staff Writer

I used to be a pretty decent building.  Had all the works.

I was the first dorm on campus that had an elevator.  Four spacious floors, plus a basement.  I was, in short, the bomb.  That is until the boys moved in.

At first, it was okay.  Yeah, they were loud and stayed up all times of the night.  This I could deal with.  But after a several years, my patience began to thin.

These boys weren’t just loud anymore, they began to stink.  It’s wasn’t so bad, I was used to it with the athletes.

Then they broke my TV!  It was old, but it was still mine.  Thankfully, the wonderful maintenance men gave me a new one and put a protector on it.

Then my washers and dryers started to break down and the smell got worse.  Really!  And my poor elevator!

So many things happened there, I don’t even know what to recall.  I was able to ignore these boys for a while, but then I began to feel sick.  I was nauseous all the time.  Found out, I had mold!  Mold?  How could this happened?

Right…them.  Thankfully, Dr. Lilly called the doctor and had me patched up.  Right now, I’m feeling a lot better.  Hopefully, things will change in the future.

I’ve heard things about Dr. Lilly.  He’s spoken about fixing me up.  I hope he means it, because I just can’t hold on much longer.