Candy Crush and the App Addicts


Ashleigh Bethea, Staff Writer

Are you an app addict? Perhaps you were indeed a responsible app user until earlier this year when King released its most popular app, Candy Crush Saga. Beginning in April of this year as a Facebook flash game, Candy Crush has captured the hearts and thumbs of many and was the leading cause of distraction over this summer.

For those of you living in the past, Candy Crush is a form of matching game and is most notably a hybrid child of Candy Land and Bejeweled. Everyone who remembers wasting hours swapping and exploding gems on Bejeweled will find Candy Crush a perfectly satisfying treat for your nostalgic sweet tooth.

Part of its appeal stems from its broad accessibility through numerous mobile devices, Android and Apple products. With hundreds of levels of play, 5 game modes, and 5 free lives, it is no wonder how this game took the spotlight. Following in the footsteps of highly popular games like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, and Temple Run, this app shows all of the signs of going down in addicting apps history.

So, what do the app lovers of Presbyterian College have to say on the subject? Lee Ann Plott, a junior at our beloved Presbyterian College, says that “It’s fun because there are explosions and it makes me feel like I’m being somewhat productive and it helps me avoid doing actual work.”

Emily Hutson, a senior at PC, is another victim of Candy Crush and openly admits her addiction. Hutson says, “I wouldn’t say it’s fun so much as it’s addictive—I play compulsively.  Getting to the next level becomes an obsession.  You start to see candies whenever you close your eyes, it’s madness.”

Not everyone is falling prey to this time thieving game. Jada Suber, another junior at PC, is stridently against the app. When asked her opinion on the game she had this to say:

“To be honest, most of my friends became infatuated with that crazy game. I refused to start playing it out of fear that I would have something extra eating away at [my] valuable time.”

Remember Blue Hose: enjoy all good things in moderation.

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