Five Questions Regarding SUB’s impact on PC Unity

Five Questions Regarding SUB’s impact on PC Unity

Katie Ward, Staff Writer

As the fall 2013 semester comes to an end, the reflection process on past campus happening and planning for future events starts to begin. Harriett-Graham Courtney, Coordinator for Student Involvement, PC Alumnae, and Student Union Board (SUB) advisor shares her insight on how SUB has helped increase student and faculty unity on campus by planning events, such as Shuckin’ and Shaggin’ and Casino Night, while also giving students other options than going to Fraternity Court on the weekends. Through the following questions, Harriett-Graham highlights the ways SUB has utilized media to promote unity on campus and advice for students in planning and/or attending events in future:

1. Have you noticed an increase of students remaining on Campus as a result of SUB late night events since you started working here? Has this changed since you went to school here?

Harriett-Graham: SUB (in partner with certain RSOs for several events) has done a great job of providing fun events for students on the weekends. These events have proved to attract a variety of students, which shows me that SUB is achieving their goal of uniting the campus community. When I was a student at PC, I never paid attention to how many cars were in the parking lot or how many students were on campus during the weekends. As long as my friends were here, no one else seemed to matter. Since late nights didn’t exist when I was student, I can say implementing late nights has been a positive change for the campus. The SUB executive board has been very creative this semester and has planned really fun events, which makes me even more excited about next semester’s events!

2. Do you think the marketing for these SUB events have helped attract more students to the events?

 Harriett-Graham: Marketing is a huge part of supporting successful events. SUB utilizes social media, emails, flyers, Highlander Highlights, and more. However, I am a firm believer that the best type of marketing is word of mouth because your peers are influenced more by what you say about an event rather than a flyer that they see every day on their way to class. Since late nights are relatively new for our campus, I think SUB is still working on gaining the trust of students by showing them that the events they plan are fun, relaxing, and entertaining.

3. Have these events helped unite students and faculty in a more personal and fun way?

 Harriett-Graham: The students seem to really enjoy when the faculty/staff participate in events. Casino Night is always a success, and the students and faculty/staff always seem to enjoy socializing with each other outside of the classroom. Trivia night was also a success this semester with Dr. Brooke Spatta as the emcee. SUB hopes to see more student, faculty, and staff interaction at events in the future.

4. What advice would you give future SUB committee members?


  • Think outside of the box.

    • It’s a challenge sometimes to think of ideas for new events while working within a budget. Some of the most well attended events that SUB (in partner with certain RSOs for several events) has planned have been events that don’t cost a lot but are fun and relaxing.

  • Plan in advance!

    • Don’t wait until the last minute. Events that are well attended are planned and marketed in advance. With the amount of events SUB hosts, this means that SUB should be planning the spring semester events in August and fall semester events in March and April. Remember that there is a process for having ideas approved, and this process doesn’t happen overnight.

  • Always be positive.

    • Since you or other committee members are planning these events, you should always be positive and excited about them. If you aren’t, then you can’t expect anyone else to be positive or excited about the event.

  • Have fun!

    • These events are not only for other students to enjoy but for you as well.

5. In what ways do you think student media on campus could improve?

 Harriett-Graham: I think that organizations are using all student media outlets well for advertising events. Often, I hear students say that they weren’t aware of an event, and this surprises me because we do so much to promote events on campus. Sure, flyers could sometimes be put up sooner, but they aren’t the only method of promotion. I think involvement on campus would increase if more students would read the Campus and Weekend Happenings emails, look at the master calendar on the website for event details, glance at the Highlander Highlights, follow @PCCampusLife on Twitter, and like PC Student Union Board on Facebook. As a former PC student, I know that we get caught up in our own schedules sometimes and forget to look at what’s going on around us. I caution all students to be careful of doing this because you may miss out on becoming involved in a great organization/event or even meeting new people.